Frequent Play Concerns (FPCs)

Q: Have you even seen the state the world is in?! Isn’t playing just silly and frivolous when there’s lots of Very Important Things to be doing???

A: Play can be a load of meaningless nonsense - that’s part of its power. However, it can also be deeply profound, healing and help to reach out across divides - something that seems so vital at this moment of our history.

Q: Yes but really isn’t it all just a waste of time???

A: Being in a playful state has often been shown to increase productivity and efficiency, not that that’s its main purpose and it's important that it is not used as such. But it's a handy bonus.

Q: Ok, but isn’t play just for kids???

A: We were all kids once, and playing seems natural to us as humans when we’re small, as well as to many animals. It’s just that we’ve forgotten. When we see kids at play, we witness them really living fully - do you remember what that feels like? Would you like some of that magic back in your life?

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