Playing to feel good...

The world all feels a bit stressful at the moment, and playing together is a perfect antidote to that...

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Back in the Body

A play session for adults...


A gentle session where we re-learn how to get into the play-state, and expand our awareness of what keeps us enjoying it, what blocks us from it, and how we can dissolve some of those blocks. 

Combining meditation, games, movement and imaginative exercises, we will come out of the head and into the body, so we can free ourselves up and enjoy exploring the world anew!

Learn to play again - after all, why should kids get to have all the fun?

for Beginners

Enlightenment the easy way!*


Every spiritual and wellbeing practice ever basically says the same thing:

Just. Let. Go.

Not as easy as it looks, though, is it?


In this session, we focus on body, breath and voice techniques to begin to explore what the felt experience of surrender is actually like, why our minds can find it so scary, and how gentle and fun letting go can really be.   

*Enlightenment not guaranteed, but a good time almost certainly is!

Playing in the Shadows

Meeting our inner edges with humour

This workshop gives us permission to playfully meet & express the slightly messier characters in us that we normally don't let others see - what Carl Jung calls our "shadows".

Using the wisdom of the Fool, we use guided meditation, theatre games, embodied exercises and reflective writing to lightly step in and out of our shadows, in a safe and held space.

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