What’s all this playing about?


State of Play offers performances, workshops & training sessions to allow people to experience the many wonders of being in a more playful state...a quality the world seems to need now more than ever!

Being in the play-state can help support you in your work and your personal life, and is certainly essential for any creative activities, and it is State of Play’s mission to support as many people as possible to explore it for themselves. The benefits are many and varied, but can helpfully be summarised in "the 3 P’s":

  • Presence - getting out of our heads, into our bodies & senses, where we can focus on what’s happening here and now.

  • Permission - to make mistakes, to try new things and to be honest about how we’re feeling. This encourages growth, ingenuity, connection and the ability to embrace all parts of what it means to be human.

  • Possibility - opening up new avenues and opportunities, helping us imagine things in a fresh and exciting way, and get us out of a rut when we’re feeling a bit stuck.

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