They say you shouldn’t mix work and play. I disagree...


Bringing a playful approach to how we work together transforms the way we think, talk and act in order to achieve the things we want. No matter what your goal...

  • Building real trust, communication and support amongst colleagues

  • Empowering your team to take risks and face challenges with a smile

  • Acknowledging and embracing the change that is so essential to being effective in our modern world

  • Finding creative ways to engage your audience


...these training sessions are jam-packed full of exercises and games that enable you to discover the answers for yourselves.


After all, I’m not here to tell you how you should run your organisation.

I just want to show you how much fun you can have doing it...and how good for business that can be.


Choose from one of the options below, or get in touch to discuss bespoke sessions or projects.

Any training session will be carefully tailored to your needs:

Team Building 2.0

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” - Brené Brown


I’m going go ahead and say it - a lot of team building sessions can feel awkward, uncomfortable and ineffective. That’s often because it feels vulnerable to take off our work masks and see the people we work with as complex humans with emotional lives. Unfortunately for us, vulnerability is where all the juicy stuff is - the most open communication, the highest resilience, the best ideas. What to do?

When we re-learn how to play together, we learn how to feel safe enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. When we are in the play state together, we form deep, lasting connections that stand strong no matter what is thrown our way. We also laugh a lot, which feels really good I can tell you…

I’ll be honest - we will play some games. We may be a bit silly in front of each other. However, I can also guarantee that by the time I leave, no-one will care.  


Let me show you the magic that can happen

when we invite our whole selves into the workplace...


I’ll let you in on a little secret - change can be really scary.


Oh, you knew that already, did you? Well, did you also know that it is essential for keeping any organisation functioning at its best?


Oh, you did. Well then, what are you waiting for?


In this session we will greet our collective 'fear of change' like an old friend, take a good strong look at it, learn to gently laugh at it (and ourselves), and watch as its power dissolves around us.


I’m not promising to make it disappear completely (I’m not an actual wizard), but I will say that anyone attending this session will come away knowing how to recognise that the 'fear of change' has come up, and feeling a whole lot more prepared when it does.


Perfect for:

  • If you’re implementing culture change and people are skeptical

  • If you’re making structural changes and people are worried

  • If you’re having a re-brand and people are confused

  • If anything you’re doing is changing, and you want people to genuinely be on board with it

  • Building true courage and resilience in the face of the inevitable uncertainty of the world...


Add a dash of magic to your meetups...

Conferences are a great opportunity to come together, connect, learn and reflect. In order to make the most of them, why not add some fun, colour and laughter?


Creative conference services available:

  • The best group icebreakers ever

  • Conference court jester: After spending the day watching. listening and absorbing the messages from your gathering, they'll be reflected back to you in a fun, honest and playful response: somewhere between improvised stand-up, a poetry night and a music gig!

  • The Make Space: transform a room at your conference into a place to create, reflect and connect using art materials and interactive design. 


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  • NCCPE Engage, Bristol 2014 ​

  • CounterPlay, Denmark 2017 + 2019 

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